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Sunday, May 5, 2019

BegPost's Success Stories: Your Stories and Requests of Financial Assistance - Post a Beg To Ask for Money

BegPost connects donors with those who cyberbeg for money.  The success of your request depends specifically on how strong and compelling a story of your situation you can present.

The stories sent to us by email or posted in the "Post a Comment" below are edited.  The best stories are posted.  Others are rejected.  Before a story can make it to this blog, a "Human Editor" checks it, reviews it, edits it before posting it.  So you may not see it posted at once.  In a few hours, days or weeks, it will be posted.  So come back or visit this blog from time to time to find out whether your request for money was accepted.

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Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Please Help Me!

My name is Daine Khan from Zimbabwe. I need US$5,000.00 I have a problem with my teeth which need urgent fixing//replacement. As I am writing this one is loose. I have to sleep at night when it throbs and pray with all my heart that by morning it will be ok. I asked a local bank for a loan and they agreed but my boss has refused to sign the form they provided asking to deposit my salary for duration of loan and if I die, resign or am told to leave they become Creditors of the money I receive pension etc. PLEASE HELP ME! I am being cursed by some people I ask called a f**** monkey from Zimbabwe. I hope you can help, I would really appreciate it.

Contact Daine K right here: dainezim@gmail.com

Monday, July 13, 2015

Help for fellow with broken heart and sad life

Here is a heart-breaking story of need

"Hello friend,i know its not appropriate to address to you in this manner,.I have a broken heart and a painful sad life.Am suffering from multiple problems in my life ,disease ,debts ,depression,recently i got electric shock where my hands and face were burnt and more worse to this i do not have anyone in my life to help me,am jobless.My pain is increasing day after day,due to pressure from people i have to pay,the money i got from them was for my treatment..I can not explain well my life its so bad,.I wish i could show you the clear picture of it.This is in short of it but is more worse than i can express it.I only ask God and you to help me over come my problems,I need $ 4000 dollars to solve my problems .i feel ashamed to ask since am a man.I just need to have a happy life.I hope and pray that you will help me,but my friend my life is truly is bad,it feels like death."

Help Keizi Kay directly at kayondo07@gmail.com

Thursday, May 28, 2015

Leandra's Story of great Needs

Please find a way to help this family.

"Hi I am a miother if 4 beutiful children and I am married to a wonderfull husband. Were just a regular family, last month my husband lost his job and we have not been able to get another job during this time despite our efforts. We barely make it when he has work now we don't even truly make it day by day. Our rent is due and we have no place to go if we get evicted also my baby needs nappies and we need groceries there is no food in my house. I am depressed but show a brave face for my children but as each day passes I know it gets worse. Please help us financially or with food donations. Just till were back on our feet. Ur our last chance.

leandra.s.jacobie@gmail.com "

Oil Price Drop Caused Petroleum Engineer to be Jobless

Please find a way to help this person in need.

"hi eveyone, please i need your hands everyone.. i have debt about $17k but i only have $5600, i need the money for my parents they live in small village they need money for their debt too, and i need some money for my first babyborn, my wife is pregnant in 6 month, i've been fired last week, since the oil price dropped its hard for me to fnd another job, because basicly im petroleum engineer, im very desperated, i dont know what im suppossed to do, i need a help, every dollar you send to me its very help me just pls help me.. i cant use my paypal i dont know why.. but if you want to help me just send the money to my bank account

bank name : BNI (bank negara indonesia) account number :153319567 bank swift code : BNINIDJA account name : pramadea herlan email : pramadea25@yahoo.com

i pray to god maybe i can find the way to get out from my problem, i hope this is the answers..

thank you..

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Donate to Yolande and her Family

Please read this heartbreaking story from Yolande about the financial hardship of her family. Please reach out and donate to her.

Here is her Paypal email: getslimwithyolande@gmail.com. You can send donations to her through this email.

"We are a family of four trying to pay rent and have enough food to eat.

My husband has been out of work for six months and I lost my job due to layoffs and was out of work for two months. During this time, we were both looking for work I got hired a couple of months ago and he's still looking. He has applied to close to 150 positions and gotten approximately 10 interviews in person, by phone or skype, but with no success.

My income alone is not enough to support us. Since summer, we have slowly been going into debt, using my line of credit and credit card to supplement my income. We're now at the point where our credit has run out and we are short of rent, money for groceries, gas money for me to get to work and any other incidentals that my kids may require. We're behind on bills as well. We've had to sell some of our belongings (some dear to us) to survive.

He has taken a paper route to supplement our income while he still applies for jobs in his field and goes to interviews. We keep thinking "this one will be the one" and then it falls through. We still feel like it will happen soon, but until then, we need help.

I have a very hard time asking for help, but I'm starting to feel desperate. We are doing everything we can right now just hanging in here. I believe in paying it forward and will be back here to be a giver once we're back on our feet.

Please help.



Saturday, December 21, 2013

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Saturday, December 14, 2013

Self-supporting Missionaries in the Dominican Republic Need Financial Assistance to Purchase Reliable Vehicle

Hello, thank you for your email. Please find my story below.

"Please help use raise $8000

My wife and I are self supporting missionaries, serving in the Dominican Republic. We have been here for about 4 years. We love helping people in different areas of life, we teach the bible but we also help out in construction projects around the Island. We had the opportunity to volunteer in Haiti after the devastating earthquake that rocked the country, as well as participate in a country wide recycling project helping Dominicans be green.

We have been able to impact the lives of many people, but unfortunately our little 1999 Daihatsu Terios is down for the count. Our work necessitates us having a reliable vehicle. We don't want or need anything luxurious but we do need something safe. Please help us raise $8000 to purchase a newer vehicle and help us help others.

We accept PayPal donations to kelseyhalvarson@yahoo.ca

We want to thank all of you in advance for your kind generosity and warm loving spirit. Especially in view of the Holiday season coming up."

Please help these Self-supporting Missionaries in the Dominican Republic to receive enough Financial Assistance to Purchase a Reliable Vehicle!!!!

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Michelle Needs Your Financial Assistance For The Holiday Season

Here is a heartbreaking story of needs.

"My name's Michelle im a single mother of a 6 yr old son.. I currently do work and go to school.. My son has severe ashtha and breathing issues and I myself a diabetic.. My car recently went out and I am having to walk long ways to and from just to get around.. I do not live on a bus line where I live and I have bad feet from my diabetes.. Im looking for help with getting a four door car.. to get us around I have no immediate family in the area .. I don't even know if Santa will come to my son this year.. Im looking for any help I can get .. Thank you and God Bless!! MICHELLE AND RUSSELL

Help Michelle and Russell here: mish.shea79@gmail.com>

In Extreme Need of Financial Assistance

Here's a heartbreaking story of needs. Please read it and try to help this couple. Good day, Thank you for taking some of your valued time in order to read my letter, it is deeply appreciated. Like so many people out there, me and my family has also fallen on hard times. What makes my situation different or direr than any of theirs you may ask? Honestly, I cannot answer you that. There will always be people whose situation and circumstances are far worse than mine. I still have a lot to be grateful for and believe me I truly am. All that i currently need is a little bit of financial assistance. Where do I begin? Let me try to give you a brief outline of my current situation, as I do not wish to waste any of your time. We were always able to pay our housing bond, utility bills, childminder and other expenses, until recently. My husband had a good job and was also studying part-time in order to finish his Law Degree. I was also in my first year studying for my Bachelor of Education Degree, when I discovered that I was expecting my third child. I continued with my studies until I went on maternity leave. I wanted to continue my studies the following year, but was unable to qualify for a student loan or a bursary as I did not finish my studies the year before. I did pass all my previous modules. Thus far, I have missed out on two more years, as I did not have the necessary funding to continue with my studies. My husband took out a bond on our home in the year that I enrolled at university. With that money he was able to cover all my study fees, pay for a childminder and extend our home. We both needed an extra space where we could study and do our work. Regretfully, things at my husband's workplace got so bad that I could not bear it to see him coming home looking so stressed out and sick. The new manager was giving him grief because he always covered and stood up for the people that he was supervising. I was then the one that advised my husband to resign from his work and to focus on his studies instead. I felt that the money we borrowed at the time would be able to cover our expenses for the year, and that by the following year he would have a new job and everything would be okay.

Needless to say, it did not work out like that and I blame myself for the predicament that we’re currently in. The money that he earns a s a Candidate Attorney is barely enough to pay our bond, never mind all the other monthly bills and our daily expenses. The bank has graciously halved our bond for the past few months in order to accommodate us, but can no longer do so. I am really at my wits end, as I can’t even help my husband to alleviate our financial burdens.

The jobs I was able to find could only cover my travelling expenses and was definitely not enough to pay for a childminder to take care of my children as well. Then I still had to worry about aftercare for my children that were attending school, as well as a carer for my bedridden father-in-law. So currently I am a homemaker, but I deeply desire to go back to university. I have been accepted at The University of the Western Cape to continue my studies in 2014, but I am worried about all the financial costs involved.

I can also only consider going back if I know that my children and father-in-law will be in safe, capable hands. It is my utmost desire that my children will be in very capable hands while I am attending classes during the day. I want to give my best in class, but not at the cost of my loved ones. Regretfully I started a bit later with my Higher Education, but I know that a person is never too old to further their studies and pursue their dreams. I believe that by obtaining my degree, I can build a better future for myself, my loved ones and my community as a whole.

Never in my wildest dreams did I think that I would turn down this avenue in a bid for help, but I surely feel good just relating my story to someone.

I understand that you may receive many letters, like this one, requesting for financial support, and I would honestly understand if you are not able to assist me at this point in time.

If I should be one of the very fortunate ones that you might be able to assist after all, I will kindly provide you with all the necessary proof and documentation that you may require.

Thank you so much for your time and consideration.

Help this family here: janinefortune@yahoo.com

Kind regards Janine Pretorius

Help Dee's sister, Becky, Breathe and Live

Here is a heart-breaking story. Please find a way to help Becky.

"My sister Becky is a severe adult asthmatic and has struggles for 10+ years just to breathe. She has been told for years that her job was killing her slowly. But, as this was her only source of insurance she was unable to change jobs or quit. Her medical bills have been taking every spare dime she has, and no other company in their right mind would hire a person who cannot complete an interview without wheezing audibly. She has been averaging a hospitalization every 6 weeks for the past 2-3 years. Finally in March of this year her pulmonologist refused to allow her to go back to work and placed her on leave, she filed for her short term disability insurance and only received partial payment as this had already been mostly exhausted for previous hospitalizations. She has been without income of any kind since March of this year, and has moved in with our elderly Mother who is on a fixed income and unable to provide more than a roof over her head and food on the table. Her short term disability expired and she has applied for long term disability insurance but they are stalling and have been reviewing her records for 3 months and have yet to make a determination, they feel asthma is a kids disease and that she should be able to work, despite the volumes of information provided by multiple pulmonologists and frequency of her hospitalizations.

Becky is back in the hospital right now and received devastating news today. She is out of options as no medications work for her and her only option is Bronchial Thermoplasty. her insurance company has denied multiple requests for this procedure to be paid stating it is too "new". She would have to pay for the procedure herself. The pulmonoligist has stated he will waive his fees to perform the procedure but she will still be responsible for the hospital costs. The pulmonologist states her lungs are failing as we speak and this is her only option.

Is there any way I can get her some help? She is only 54 years old. She has had no life except hospitals and worry over medical bills for years and now she is told there is a possiblity of helping her but she can't have it done because her insurance company won't pay.

Dee Usrey. Write to her here: d.pecina@hotmail.com

Joyce From Nairobi, Kenya, Needs Your Assistance. She is in Dire Conditions

Please read Joyce's story below

"Hi, My name is Joyce from Nairobi Kenya. Am seeking assistance from well wishers to help our family through this hard economic times. Right now i don't have a stable job and putting food on the table is a real problem. Am the 1st born in the family and it's hard when everybody is looking up to you and there is nothing you can do to help them. I look at them and it's really hard not to despair at times. I don't want to give up but am feeling weak everyday and i need someone to help me. We haven't been able to pay our rent among other things for a while now and am not sure how long it will be before we get kicked out.. If there is anyone out there who can hear my plea, i pray that you find it in your heart to help us out. God bless you abundantly.

Thank you.

My PayPal address is ndambukij@yahoo.com

Help for Mara

Please read Mara's story below

"Hi my name Is Mara Im 24 Polish girl and up to few months ago I believed that I had a good future ahed of me. I moved to Australia 2 years ago with my Fiance to start a new life. And thats when the things have changed rapidly. As soon as I was put on my Fiances visa he became very abusive and controlling knowing that I have no one to turn to for help he was able to get away with this. But after a year of constant abuse I finally got tired of this knowing that he will not change I finally got enough courage to leave him. As a vengeance he have cancelled my visa and cleared my bank account knowing that if I want be able to pay for flights out of a country I will get deported. I managed to save some money that I had in separate account and hire a migration agent to help me appeal to my visa cancellation. Unfortunately the decision was not overturned. So now my only option that will save me from deportation Is to enrol in to School and swap to student visa, but I can not afford the tuition. I have tryed to find a job for past 3 for months but no one will hire me without a visa. At the moment Im sleeping on my friends couch as I cant afford rent and bills anymore and Im forced to eat instant noodles as this is all I can afford to eat. This situation and the constant stress and fear of whats going to happen to me has taken his turn on my physical and mental health. I was recently admitted to psychiatric unit after a nervous breakdown and was diagnosed with severe depression. I have hit a rock bottom and I have lost all hope that anything good will ever happen to me and I lost the will power to live my life. So Im begging you please give me my hope back, give me a reason to believe that things will get better. Im begging you to help me. Any donation will mean so much to me and I could never be able to thank you enough for your help. Please help me start a new life Im desperate."

Write or donate to Mara here: maraka309@gmail.com

Help Paul Help His Children during the holiday season

Here is a heartbreaking story you will be interested in reading: "

My name is Paul age 57, 2 kids whom I raised on my own, now have a new Grandson, I am Disabled and can barely make ends meet. I worked in the same filed for 38 years. I am ashamed to ask but dont know wherelse to turn. I can't even afford Christmas Gifts this year. Please help me.

Send your donations to Paul at this address:

Paul Beaudet

245 Edward J Roy dr #204

Manchester NH 03104

Sudanese Refugee Living in Kampala, Uganda Needs Your Help due to Severe Financial Situation

Here is a new beg request. Please help this man as soon as you can. "Hello, I am ROMBE Emmanuel Patrick age 26 a south sudanes refugee living in kampala, Uganda. My financial stiuation is worst and nothing that i do to earn me some cash so i had wanted to open up my own art and design business studio to make use of my talents as a graphic designer,illustrator and a painter in kampala but the problem is luck of funds. I am here kindly begging for your mercy to assist (help) me with $1500 for starting it so that it will earn me a living and solve my situation like housing,feeding and medical problems. Please for God mercy I am requesting you to help me. I know within six months from now I will be able to make a good profit of what you can help me with. I got you from the internet and you are so kind. Thanks for being kind to people and may God bless you for that. This is my phone numbre +256787821375"

Or write to Rombe at erombe40@gmail.com