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Thursday, May 28, 2015

Oil Price Drop Caused Petroleum Engineer to be Jobless

Please find a way to help this person in need.

"hi eveyone, please i need your hands everyone.. i have debt about $17k but i only have $5600, i need the money for my parents they live in small village they need money for their debt too, and i need some money for my first babyborn, my wife is pregnant in 6 month, i've been fired last week, since the oil price dropped its hard for me to fnd another job, because basicly im petroleum engineer, im very desperated, i dont know what im suppossed to do, i need a help, every dollar you send to me its very help me just pls help me.. i cant use my paypal i dont know why.. but if you want to help me just send the money to my bank account

bank name : BNI (bank negara indonesia) account number :153319567 bank swift code : BNINIDJA account name : pramadea herlan email : pramadea25@yahoo.com

i pray to god maybe i can find the way to get out from my problem, i hope this is the answers..

thank you..

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