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Thursday, May 28, 2015

Leandra's Story of great Needs

Please find a way to help this family.

"Hi I am a miother if 4 beutiful children and I am married to a wonderfull husband. Were just a regular family, last month my husband lost his job and we have not been able to get another job during this time despite our efforts. We barely make it when he has work now we don't even truly make it day by day. Our rent is due and we have no place to go if we get evicted also my baby needs nappies and we need groceries there is no food in my house. I am depressed but show a brave face for my children but as each day passes I know it gets worse. Please help us financially or with food donations. Just till were back on our feet. Ur our last chance.

leandra.s.jacobie@gmail.com "

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